Invest in Cote d'Ivoire
Why invest in Cote d’Ivoire ?

  1. A secular and tolerant democratic nation ;
  2. One option resolved in favor of a liberal economy open to outside world;
  3. An exceptional quality of life through :
    • a tradition of peace, hospitality and dialogue,
    • a well structured urban environment,
    • better living standards,
    • open minded vis-à-vis of globalization.
  4. Modern and improving infrastructure characterized by :
    • a dense and suitable road network, which devotes the opening of the country on the sub-region ;
    • a privatized railroad network, which revives performance ;
    • port system dominated by Abidjan, the first port of transit and transshipment of West Africa ;
    • an ever expending aerial system ;
    • a dense network of Telecommunications and changing;
  5. A young and dynamic population with :
    • an abundant supply of labor, skilled and cost effective,
    • an active middle class and a rise in entrepreneurship.
  6. A highly adapted, regulated and innovative sector;
  7. An important financial crossroad in western and central Africa notably :
    • Regional Banking Commission of UEMOA,
    • The stock exchange of UEMOA (West African Economic and Monetary Union).
  8. A prior crossroad to supply 70 million consumers throughout all countries of the UEMOA
  9. Multiple opportunities through business portfolios partnership, privatization and concession of public projects to the private sector ;
  10. The potential to develop various industries: Agriculture, mining, energy, tourism, transport, telecommunications and services ;
  11. Affordable investment costs ;